Archive | July, 2014

Hello world!

Greetings internet! I’m excited to be joining the ScienceBlog team. Here you’ll find assorted musings on the history and future of science, technology, and medicine. Occasionally, I’ll dip into transhumanist and bioethical conversations where they (as they increasingly do) overlap with the former. Science journalism tends to try to make the complicated more simple (a well-meant but, too often, ultimately counterproductive route to a more informed and engaged citizenry), so the aim here is to use history to complicate the overly simplistic. Here you’ll find relevant new scholarship in the areas above, but also commentary on and critique of bad arguments, scaremongering, and hypocrisy as it appears in the news.

About me: I’m a PhD candidate in history at Oklahoma State University. My research these days centers on the institutional and intellectual history of forced sterilization in the United States, on which I have spoken at conferences and written at various and sundry places. I have two degrees in English, and one in History. I have taught courses on magical realism and the history of evolutionary theory.

You can find other writings over at, where you’ll find me discussing with less structure history, science, and the humanities.

I tweet @slowlorisblog, and you can reach me at slowlorisblog[dot]gmail[dot]com.

Alright. Glad to have you here, and let’s get started!